At Le Châlet, our values ​​are high on the list of priorities and we contribute to a better, more beautiful and more efficient world. We offer a qualitative and functional collection of basics for boys. All our clothing is sporty, chic and comfortable at the same time.


Our clothing can be worn in all seasons, you choose how many layers you like. We carry a permanent collection and therefore all our items are available all seasons.


Choosing our children’s fashion is also a form of choosing slow fashion. Slow fashion is not just a trend or seasonal. This is expressed at Le Châlet in the choice for instant classics. At slow fashion labels like Le Châlet you will find classic garments that deserve a place in almost every wardrobe. For example, think of a classic body warmer, the timeless jeans or the super combinable polo.

If you invest in a high quality, these are typical basic pieces that last a long time. Children are growing so for many years they will not be worn by a single child but they can be passed on to smaller brothers or taken to clothing collection points. Because our basic pieces are also easy to mix with each other, wearing the items is also maximized.

Est. 2022


Children play and are developing and growing. That is why nothing is so important that the size is appropriate, the clothes move with them when they are playing and therefore do not pinch. But also that the items can be worn in every season. The collection consists of breathable stretch fabrics for comfortable movement. The embroidery on the inside is also provided with a layer so that it does not irritate the skin. We also thought about the labels. Our brand label is completely attached so that it will not irritate.

At Le Châlet we also make it easy for parents. The clothes are easy to put on and take off and do not necessarily need to be ironed. All pants have an adjustable waistband on the inside. No hassle with strings on the outside and can always be made to measure.

We also make it easy for you in our service. Our customer service is available on working days to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, our return policy is “sweatless”. We work with Returnless to offer you the easiest possible return process with a wide choice of return options via our integrated returns portal.


Le Châlet was founded and designed in 2022 by fashion entrepreneur Dominique van der Poel. Mother who, based on practice, makes the clothing range for boys not only more stylish but also more practical for both parent and child.

Based on her previous education in public administration, passion for timeless fashion and management positions, she expresses all her practical and artistic skills under her fashion group: Le Châlet Fashion. The aim is to teach boys from an early age that when they are well dressed, they have the world at their feet! From the Châlet you literally have the world at your feet.



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